Circles and Microboards – accessible diagram content

Circles and microboards

What’s the same? What are the differences?


  • Trained, facilitator usually paid
  • Informal
  • Any number of people
  • Meeting process can be flexible
  • Meeting minutes maybe kept
  • Can help with recruiting management staff but have no legal responsibility


  • Good facilitation is essential
  • Can start small
  • Relationships
  • Fun
  • Focus on the persons, guidance, wishes and preferences
  • Knowing the person well
  • Planning an enacting plans
  • Support decision making
  • Quality of life
  • Keeping the person safe
  • Aspire to uphold the persons human rights


  • Chair, facilitates, unpaid role
  • Legally incorporated
  • Minimum number of members, 5 to 7
  • Meeting process according to legal requirements
  • Accurate meeting minutes must be kept
  • Can employ staff and take on payroll and legal responsibilities
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