Our principles

Our Mission

To build the capacity of support networks to walk alongside people with disability in person centred, sustainable and responsible ways.

We Believe

That all people have the right to the life they choose which respects them as members of community and family and upholds their universal human rights.

Our Point of Difference

We always assume that everyone has the capacity to participate in everything – our core assumption of all people is one of competence. We work towards upholding the rights of people with disability in al that we do inclusive of providing advocacy or seeking to link people with advocates where necessary. We encourage creative problem solving and commitment when it comes to making sure a person is fully included and active in determining what they want from their life.

We respect a person’s right to choose how they are supported, how they communicate and who they wish to engage with. We always assume that people can and do communicate and that any difficulties in communication rest with the limited capacity of the listener and communication partner. We provide direct specialist support for AAC and accessible communication for all of our participants and ensure information is accessible in suitable formats where required

Microboards are about relationships and connections, and about how we bring together diverse groups of people and individuals to create an effective community. We work to establish and strengthen both paid and unpaid support networks across all of our services and upskill those networks for sustainable support implementation into the future.

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