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Mary Butterworth

Mary is the CEO of Developmental Disability WA (DDWA). She has been working in the not-for-profit sector for over 35 years, supporting people with disability, their families and the organisations that assist them. Mary’s diverse experience has included direct support for people with a disability, managing professional development for disability service providers and managing disability support services in regional and metropolitan areas of WA.

This range of experience has provided Mary with a unique insight into the complexities of supporting people with disability and their families in metropolitan, regional and remote areas of Western Australia. Mary has Social Science degree in Human Service Management and is a graduate of the Australian Institute for Company Directors (AICD).

Mary is a strong leader nationally in the advocacy for people with disability, with multiple roles across national advisory and leadership groups. She and DDWA are regularly sought out to provide guidance and feedback on promoting the human rights of people with a disability and service design and delivery.

Darry Edwards

Treasurer Darry Edwards is a company director with more than 40 years of experience running businesses in the Events Industry.

He is currently director of Matrix Productions Australia, an event hire company in Perth, Western Australia. Darryl is also the treasurer of his son Eli’s Microboard, which incorporated in 2010.

Darryl is passionate about social justice and human rights. He also loves music and is the drummer in local folk-pop band Part-Time Fanatics.

Linda Perry

Linda Perry served as Vela Canada’s Executive Director for over 30 years. In 1990, Linda developed the first Microboards in British Columbia, Canada.  After many years of successful support in B.C.,  Linda began sharing the lessons learned further abroad, assisting in mentoring the creation of Microboards in the U.K., Republic of Ireland, U.S.A., Australia, Norway and several other Canadian provinces.   Linda was also involved in close cooperation with the provincial government to roll out the Individualized Funding initiative.

Since 2021, Linda is currently working as a consultant and contractor developing and mentoring other organizations committed to self-determination and person centred supports.

In her volunteer life Linda has been involved with a number of other non-profit societies, including supporting families leading families, services for indigenous people and Family Support Institute.

She sat for a number of years on the Prime Minister’s National Volunteer Awards Counsel.

Jaquie Mills

Jaquie started Microboards Australia way back in 2008. Since then she has been a fierce advocate for her sons and people with a disability. When not managing MA she is consulting to disability leaders, advocating for the rights of people with a disability or making things happen!

Jaquie ensures that we rain a family and person focused organisation with the sole focus on people with a disability having the life they choose.


An Introduction to our services

Microboards Australia provide a range of support and services but in a tailored and very personal approach. You can find out a bit more about our services in our information brochure

Our organisational values and operations

Microboards Australia works at all times to uphold its values and strives toward it’s vision that people with disability live self- determined lives, with a sustained support network of family and friends who love them and know them well. To learn more about the strategic plan, values and vision of Microboards, you can access this information here.

All employees of Microboards Australia engage with people with a disability and their families or supporters with strong ethical, social and values led guidance. Microboards Australia ensure that all employees, contractors, or volunteers work at all times within the Microboards Code of Conduct, which is strongly informed by the Human Rights framework and worker responsibilities as defined by the NDIS Code of Conduct. A snapshot of our Code of Conduct can be found here.

Code of Conduct.

Our Service


People with disability living self-determined lives, with a sustained support network of family and friends who love them and know them well.

Our commitment to you

  • Respect, value and create environments which embrace diversity and inclusion
  • Uphold the rights of all individuals
    Respect and engage with the expertise of natural support networks
  • We will be open and honest in all that we do
  • We will continue to learn from our family partners
  • Be attentive to your cultural needs and requirements
  • Always strive for service excellence
  • Relevant information made available and accessible in a timely manner

We believe..

That all people have the right to the life they choose which respects them as member of community and family and upholds their universal human rights.

Our mission

To build the capacity of support networks to walk alongside people with disability in person centred, sustainable and responsible ways.

Our Values


We value our relationship with you and helping you develop relationships with others.


Everyone belongs as equal members of community.


We aspire to providing the best quality services possible.


We are always learning from you, your family and supporters to find new ways to be of service.


We support you to have a good life by thinking outsidethe box, creating novel solutions and pathways.

Policies and

Microboards Australia has a range of policies in areas covering Service Operations, Human Resources, Financial Operations and more. These policies state how Microboards will operate, guide decision making processes, provide services and manage staff conduct. Please contact Microboards if you would like to view any of these policies.


Our strategic plan outlines our priorities and focus areas for near future. You can find out more about this here.

Strategic Plan



We welcome your feedback. At Microboards, your feedback is important as it helps us to know what we are doing well, and what we need to improve.

Our families, general public and any person connected with Microboards has the right to give us feedback, express their concerns, and lodge a complaint.

You can contact us to provide feedback in any way that works for you. You can do this by:

Easy Read Feedback and complaints policy

Download our Easy Read Feedback and complaints policy.

Talking to any of our staff members (it doesn’t have to be your direct support person)

Print and complete a feedback form

Giving us a call on 0448 600 566

If you would like to fill in one of our forms to make a general enquiry, give us some feedback or make a complaint please click on the appropriate form button below. A separate tab/window with the form will pop up Once submited you can close the tab/window.

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