Microboards Community

Welcome to the Microboard Community! Here you can find out a bit more about the Microboard model and how Microboards Australia partner with support networks to find ways to build sustainable support practices and vision to help a person achieve the life they choose now and into the future. Please explore some introductory information below to find out more about what is a Microboard and our Microboard Community.

Several wooden person shaped blocks surrounding another person shaped block in the middle painted red
What is a Microboard?

It’s not just simply bringing people together. Find out what a Microboard is and the outcomes for people with a disability.

Flat illustration, type image with the words, 'mentoring' approach', 'facilitating change', 'behaviour', 'emotions', 'influence' etc
Microboards Facilitation

Find out how our facilitators can help you on your journey to forming a Microboard and embed principles of supports that are sustainable and uphold a person's right to the life they want to live. 

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Getting Started

This is a journey but we can support you to know where to start. Getting started in forming a Microboard. 

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Microboards Community Hub

A community of supports, resources, training and connections for families who have established or are in the process of establishing a Microboard.  

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