Microboards Professional Services

Our support coordination and professional services are more than just 'plan supports' or ‘therapy’ services. When you are supported through Microboards Australia you will receive support in a wholistic way which is influenced by our whole community of families, people with a disability, professionals, parent peer workers, and peers with neurodiversity.

We build supports that are tailored just for you, matching the right support people for your unique needs. At times, co-working across our teams to work in true multidisciplinary ways.

At Microboards we are not limited by one to one NDIS ‘therapy sessions’. We walk alongside the person with disability, their family and their support network in ways that makes sense and led by you. People can engage with us in many varied ways including direct support, coaching, consultation, training and workshops.

Microboards approaches are evidence based, researched and form the foundation of Post Graduate training for allied health professionals across two WA universities.

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Our Approach

Our services are led by a contemporary view of what really matters in everyday life for people to feel good, feel happy, have meaningful relationships, value and self autonomy.

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Behaviour Support

Our experienced behaviour support practitioners partner with people, their family and support network to develop a shared understanding of what they may be experiencing and find ways to better embed supports in their life to increase wellbeing, capacity and quality of life. 

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 Therapy Services

We specialise in providing support in ways that upholds a person’s underlying needs and rights to feel good, be regulated and be the decision maker of their own life. We have particular expertise in supporting people with complex communication needs and supporting people across neurodiversity from a brain and body approach.

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Support Coordination

Our team is here to support you to manage your NDIS funds, help you access the services and community support you need to achieve your personal goals and make the most of your plan.

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Our professional and support coordination services can be accessed through NDIS funding. We can also look at other options if this work for you.

Contact us to explore how we can work with your NDIS plan to map out support that will be of value to you.

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