Support Coordination

Navigating the NDIS isn't easy and let's be honest, most people wish they didn't have to! Microboards Australia provide support coordination and specialist support coordination to help people understand their plans and make the most of their funding. Instead of fitting people in to their NDIS plans, we work alongside the person and their supporters (both formal and informal) to help them achieve their goals and live the life of their choosing. We do this by connecting them to supports and services which are funded by NDIS but also to mainstream and community supports. We are a small provider, providing high quality, person centred and values-driven support.

For us at Microboards, it's all about the relationship, building trust and holding the space for people when they aren't able to. Peoples lives are busy and complex, our aim is to build your capacity so eventually you won't need us. For you to have the tools, resources and information you need to engage the supports and services that are the right fit for you so you can get on with living your life.

If things aren't working well, we will help you figure it out. If we don't know the answer, we will find the person who does.

We provide Support Coordination and Specialist Support Coordination to a small number of people to ensure we uphold our principles of Microboards Australia related to meaningful relationships, supported decision making and self advocacy for your own life.

Some things our Support Coordinators & Specialist Support Coordinators can do include:

  • Help you understand your NDIS plan
  • Navigate the "My Place" portal
  • Identify and negotiate with suitable service providers
  • Assist with the necessary documentation and paperwork
  • Support your choices
  • Assist during crises and
  • Work to solve complex systemic barriers to living a good life
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