Behaviour Support

Our behaviour support approach is built on relationships and neuroscience for people and their supporters where behaviour is signalling concerns regarding wellbeing and a need for support.

We hold a contemporary view of Behaviour Support approach embedding a range of evidence-based practices. We are led primarily by a neuroscience and neurodiversity affirming lens, seeking to understand the experiences of people from what it might be like to be them from within. The main focus is to reduce the experience of anxiety, stress and dysregulation for people and to therefore improve their quality of life and relationships.

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"It's all about you” written on a blackboard

Our behaviour support knowledge and experience spans across over 30 years engagement with people, families and the disability support sector. We have led the development of contemporary behaviour support cross the WA sector and are frequently invited to support training and thinking in this area nationally.

Microboards are currently partnering with Curtin University to develop post graduate qualifications in Positive Behaviour Support.

Our team of exceptionally experienced behaviour practitioners partner closely with people, families and support networks to bring about change and support in ways that are meaningful for each person. We are not about templates, rigid frameworks and reports. We are about connection and being person led.

Referrals and enquiries for our support

We are a small considered service focused solely on providing the support that the people we engage with that they value and is effective. Because of this we maintain a small team of very experienced people.

Our capacity to support new people directly under a NDIS service agreement varies however we continue to explore ways to connect with families and people in other ways.

If you would like to explore the ways we connect with families, people and support networks you can find out more by reading about some of our programs, training and consultation at our ITaBW website.

We will also be launching a community of learning hub later this year that you may like to join. If you would like to stay connected with information about our programs, training or other things we are doing with people and their families or support networks, you can let us know here.

We are not taking new referrals currently for our services.

We do understand that because of how we provide services, some people would like to go on a waitlist for our services. If you would like to do this, can you please complete this waitlist form for us to contact you in the future if our capacity changes or we develop services that you may be interested in accessing.

Microboards behaviour support services is commonly known as Is There a Better Way. You can find out more about our approach, services and support offered by accessing our ITaBW website.

We provide support...

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For Families
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For Disability Support Providers
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For Schools and Education Providers
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