Merger of Minds

Merger of Minds is a peer group of adults who have Complex Communication Needs (CCN) established in 2010, and hosted by Microboards Australia. The group was started by Eli Dickenson, whose Microboard Blazing Condor Soul Explosions (Inc) was incorporated the same year. Eli is an adult with CCN who is passionate about communication access. He was awarded the ISAAC Australia Community Award in 2015 for his advocacy in the community on behalf of people with CCN.

Merger has developed into a community of practice for people with CCN and their families and supporters to explore with people the role they want Augmentative and Alternative Communication to have in their lives, and how they want their individual communication systems to be recognised and designed. Merger work out together better ways to support people with CCN to make decisions and plans, to learn, and to express opinions and ideas.

Merger have engaged in a number of co-design projects including the design of:

  • resources for people with CCN to use to engage in their NDIS plan
  • a process for people with CCN to vote in Elections
  • strategies for people with CCN to choose which music they listen to
  • content for university courses

Merger were also consulted by the Disability Royal Commission in 2020 about their experiences in the health system.

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