Experience a Microboard

This program supports people with disability to experience working with a network of family and friends to plan, make decisions and explore what it’s like to have a microboard. The process is tailored for each individual and their community but usually includes:

Build Your Team – how to find and ask people to join a microboard

Beliefs, Values, Rights & Needs – Ensure members get to know you and your needs, how to put the important values of microboards into action and uphold your human rights.

Manage Knowledge – ensure that the vision and other important information about you and the vision for your life is captured and accessible to the people you feel need to see it.

Support Decision Making – understanding your communication and decisions you already make, and if you want to, explore supports to increase the level of choice and control you have over your life

Running effective meetings – develop meeting processes that maximise the participation and inclusion of all people.


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