Microboards Facilitation

We help you along the journey of establishing a Microboard

The idea of establishing a Microboard can be exciting, but also daunting. Where will we find the people? How do we invite them to join the Microboard? What is the actual purpose of the Microboard and how do we explain that to people? How do we write a constitution? How do we go through the incorporation process? How do we set the Microboard up with a strong and healthy culture so that it is sustainable in the years to come?

These are big questions, and we will be honest with you -  it does take work to establish a Microboard, and it can take time as well. Great outcomes don't usually come quickly and easily, but if you are a person with a disability or a close supporter, you probably know that already.

However, we are there to walk alongside you every step of the way. All of our facilitators have personal lived experience of Microboards - as parents of people  with disability whose children have Microboards, as Microboard members, or as support workers or other professionals who have been employed by Microboards. Our facilitators live and understand the challenges that life can bring and will support you in an empathetic way, and in the ways that you let us know matter to you.

We have an established process and structure to how we support Microboards to develop, and have strategies and approaches to navigate most of the issues which come up. It is important to us that people with disability and their families don't experience Microboard development as an increased stress in their lives, and so we aim to provide you with the support you need to achieve a healthy and productive Microboard.


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