Difference between and Microboard and a Circle of Support – accessible diagram content

FeatureCircle of supportMicroboard
Number of meetingsUp to you to decideDescribed in Constitution, e.g. every 6 weeks
QuorumNot requiredDescribed in Constitution
Cost to joinFreeMembership fee – set by committee
Meeting notesUsually recordedMust be recorded and produced if required
Who can be a member?Anyone, the person choosesAnyone, the person chooses other than paid staff employed by the Microboard
Member commitmentNo formal commitmentNeed to commit for 12 months, but can resign
Financial recordsNone requiredTreasurer required to keep records and have them audited for annual report each year
Member listKeep for communication purposesMust be kept up-to-date and produced if required
Legal recognitionNoneRecognised as ‘like a person’ so I can open bank account, apply for grants, purchase property and so
Expectations of membersHelp a person to build friendships and to assist with thinking planning and actioning of personal
In accordance with the Constitution
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