Behaviour Support Family Leadership

Microboards Australia have been instrumental in partnering with the disability community to support and provide family leadership for people and families whose may experience stress, distress or challenges which may place them or others at risk of harm. Microboards alongside Developmental Disability WA, have facilitated family leadership in the area of behaviour support initially as part of the WA Positive Behaviour Support Framework which commenced in 2007. Across time, family leadership has been supporting in many ways, some of which have included:

  • Development of training for families
  • Development of the original Restrictive Practice and PBS cards
  • Sector development advisory group membership
  • Establishment of the Side by Side Family Peer Group - Side by Side connects families experiencing challenging behaviour with other families though a supported peer group. Peer groups provide a safe place to share experiences, receive support and help each other.

We continue to have a close connection with Side by Side providing professional and peer support.

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