Strong Families

In 2019, Microboards Australia and Uniting Care West partnered to develop a series of frameworks, resources and tools to support a culturally informed discussion about restrictive practices and supporting people who may show the challenges they face through behaviour or expression that other may find hard to navigate. These resources were developed based on the original Microboards ‘Is There a Better Way’ card set along with the Restrictive Practice ‘what are your rights’ easy read and plain english versions of the Code of Practice for the Elimination of Restrictive Practices. These resources were funded through a grant received from the WA Department of Communities, known at the time as the Disability Services Commission.

You can access these resources at the Uniting WA webpage. They are freely available to people.

Subsequent to these versions of the Microboards card sets being developed, another version has been reviewed and published through a collaboration between Microboards and Wa’s Individualised Services (WAIS). You can access these recent versions as located on the WAIS website.

You can find our original card sets here on our Microboards ITaBW partner website.

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