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Microboards Australia have been working with people with disability, their families and support networks to establish a robust model which has broad reaching outcomes for people in living the life they choose, creating autonomy, achieving full citizenship and building lifelong networks of informal support.

Established by families in 2008, Microboards Australia brought the Microboard model to Australia. We are the only organisation in Australia trained & endorsed by Vela Microboards Canada as delivering the authentic Microboard model based on core principles, which growing research evidence over 40 years demonstrates achievement of quality of life outcomes for people with disability.

Whilst we have founded the Microboard model within Australia, our company has grown over time to provide access to services to meet people’s need to achieve what we know matters in having a life rich in relationships, self advocacy, wellbeing and purpose

All of our services support the person and their support network to embed long term principles of support which you can find out more about through the links below

We live, celebrate and advocate for the rights of all people to be included, to have the life they choose and to be themselves. We normalise neurodivergence, respect individual uniqueness and disability identity and work toward social change that is built on a foundation of inclusion, equity & support.

Our organisation is FAMILY and person centred, with a focus on the need for the entire family or support network to have their individual needs met in order to THRIVE.

We are LGBTQIA+ embracing and share values and practice where culture, race, disability, neurotype & gender diversity all contribute to a rich & thriving society where all of our individual qualities & values are UNDERSTOOD, and embraced.

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